Air-cooled furnace camera

Product features

  • Cooling using a medium pressure fan
  • Backup cooling using compressed air
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Robust in industrial surrounding
  • Low maintenance and operational costs

Application areas

  • Monitoring of slabs or billets within the furnace to avoid collisions
  • Monitoring of furnace condition
  • Monitoring of burner
  • Monitoring of sintering plant
  • Monitoring of waste incinerator combustion
  • Process control is available in combination with image processing

Product description

Our air-cooled furnace camera is able to observe processes in hot environments. The excellent insulation of the probe with high specification materials protects the optical parts against heat. Continuous airflow ensures that no dust can enter the system and damage the exit window. Depending on the design, the front of the system can withstand temperatures of up to 1.300° C.

Principle of operation

The system requires only a small volume of purge air, provided by an air-supply cabinet.  A backup compressed air cooling system takes over in case the air supply is interrupted. In addition, the cooling air protects the systems from contamination from the furnace.

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Technical details

The system is exclusively air-cooled.*

  • Diameter: 58 mm oder 200 mm
  • Length:
    • HTV-058S: 353,5 mm or 551 mm (TL = 447,5 mm or 645,5 mm)
    • HTV-200S: 629,3 mm (TL = 1.000 mm)
  • Weight: max. 18 kg (HTV-200S)
  • Isolation: Ceramic
  • Cooling system:
    • HTV-058S: compressed air, 2-3 bar, 10-20 nm³/h
    • HTV-200S: purge air, 30-60 nm³/h, Klasse I nach ISO 8573-1:2010
  • Temperature range:
    • HTV-058S: 400° C - 1.000° C
    • HTV-200S: 300° C - 1.300° C
  • Power supply:
    • HTV-058S: 230 V AC
    • HTV-200S: 12 V DC, 20 W

* small amount of cooling water needed to pre-chill cooling air


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