• UV-LED light source

UV LED light source for document verification on the move


Product features

    • High optical performance
    • Very compact
    • Bipolar connection of the supply voltage, protected
    • Reverse polarity


      • Validation of documents and bills in police service vehicles
      • Designed to be installed in car glove box

      Product description

      This powerful UV light source has been developed for mobile document validation. The wavelength of 365 nm is used to excite all luminescent and fluorescent materials of the hidden safety features.

      The high-quality metal housing is used as heatsink for the high-power LED. The integrated electronics also have a temperature monitoring system in order to prevent overheating when being operated in summertime. The light source window is designed as a diffuser to illuminate an area equivalent to A5 at distances typical for a glove box.

      Furthermore, the diffuser in the window reduces the beam quality of the LED to eliminate the risk of refocusing reflections.

      Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that the light source must be operated in such a way that nobody can look directly into the light source. Therefore, mounting the device in the glove box with the beam pointing downwards is ideal, both for the safety of the users and for providing optimal contrast when viewing the documents, since the glove compartment provides additional protection from stray light.


      • Bank note testing
      • Validation of documents
      • Falsification
      • Original

      Technical details

      • Optical Output ca. 800 mW
      • Wavelength 365 nm
      • Voltage 9-15 VDC
      • Optical Output ca. 800 mW
      • Power Consumption at 20°C at 20°C 3 W
      • Temperature Control of UV-LED  at a housing temperature of about 50°C the output is throttled


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