PERSON IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM for fixed or mobile police operations

Product features

  • Automated video recording of passing vehicles
  • Reliable identification of the driver and passenger through the windscreen
  • Fast video investigation by PerIS software package
  • High-resolution camera technology for the best possible image quality
  • Recording of video sequences by day and by night through laser-based illumination
  • Unaffected by the position of the sun
  • Data reduction through event-controlled recording
  • Encrypted transmission of video data
  • PerIS is available as a fixed installation or a mobile version

Fixed system

Mobile system

Mobile system

Event controlled Video Monitoring System with Software Aided Person and Licence Plate Recognition

The person identification system PerIS has been specially developed in order to be able to capture event-controlled, high-resolution and evidence-safe video recordings at any time of day or night.

PerIS enables the reliable identification of the driver and the vehicle licence plate and suppreses potential reflections through the windscreen. Using a laser-based illumination paired with a high-resolution camera enables high-quality recordings alongside high recognition rates while being virtually unaffected by the sun‘s position, indepentent from the time of day. The system‘s camera is triggered only if movement in front of the system is detected. Thus, the volume of data is greatly reduced when compared to continuous recording.

PerIS offers multiple options for automated image processing, transmission and analysis. In general a simple and fast investigation is possible thanks to the automated analysis and the structured storage. Depending on the configuration the software assists with automated face detection and license plate recognition. Further the software can execute an automated face identification.

PerIs complies with apllicable legal privacy regulations and hence is well suited for operation in different locations. Tihs is achieved through case-based and retrograde analysis of recordings and an automated deletion of video files following the expiration of a pre-defined storage period.

The PerIS system is available with stationary columns or as a mobile version and is therefore suitable for various locations.

PerIS-Product video

Succesfully used in Police Operations

Since 2019, our PerIS columns have been operated successfully in Germany in the areas of traffic monitoring and border surveillance.

A significant decrease in the overall number of offences could be noticed within a short amount of time for the location the system is in use. In addition to the deterring effect, the video recordings were able to assist in the solving of serious cases of theft and burglary, among other things.

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PerIS - Investigation Software Product sheet

Automatic image processing, transmission and analysis

  • Automated face detection and licence plate recognition
  • Instant Reporting of events to specific workplaces
  • Simple and quick searching thanks to the database system, data processing and data filtering
  • Accounting for the data protection requirements through retrograde evaluation of the video material and automated deletion of the video data on the expiry of the retention period
  • Closed network for maximum security
  • Encrypted data transmission of video data and communication between the camera and the server


  • Traffic control
  • Law enforcement
  • Border surveillance
  • Real property protection
  • Access and entrance monitoring
  • Prevention

    PERIS - Software solution

    • Software support for face and license plate identification
    • Elimination of stray lights and reflections on the windshield

    Software-supported detection system for suspected cases with automated face and license plate recognition

    In authorised cases, an investigation-related case can be created and the recorded video data will be stored for a defined period. This data can be investigated by the user. The video data saved in a file can then be stored crime-related for a longer period of time. All other recorded data are deleted after a period of time in accordance with data protection (for example, after 96 hours).

    The software enables an automated search for vehicle licence plates. The entry of individual fragments of numbers or letters of a licence plate is also possible. For better identification (for example, with the presence of information about a vehicle) and for simpler investigation, the identified licence plates are shown with the appropriate video image.


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