Water-cooled camera for heat treatment

Water-cooled camera for heat treatment

  • monitoring of heat-treated products
  • excellent pictures from inside the furnace
  • optional customised image processing
  • quality control and increased efficiency
  • completion of documentation

Product description

The system is designed to allow the inside of heat treatment furnaces to be observed. The image from the camera can be displayed in real-time on a monitor with the ability for single images or sequences to be saved on a PC. Upon request it is possible to enhance the functionality of the image-processing components that interprets images and sequences.

The mounting position is situated on a flange behind the observation window outside the furnace.

The cooling of the system is performed by a heat exchanger (water-cooling system). The optical lens was developed so that only the minimal amount of infrared radiation needed reaches the camera. In order to keep the probe environment free from contaminants it is purged with nitrogen gas. High quality materials and components are used throughout to ensure durability even in the harshest of environments found within heat treatment companies. Glass fibre is used for video transmission to minimise or avoid electronic interference of the signals.

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Further information you will find in the product data sheet:
Data Sheet HTV-110 S (PDF-Download)

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Principles of operation

The camera and its optical lens are placed inside a water-cooled body. A glass filter ensures that no heat radiation reaches the optical lens of the system. The video signal is transmitted to a PC via a glass fibre cable. Static caused by electrical fields in the surrounding area is eliminated as far as possible. In order to keep the optical parts clean, the inside of the camera body is purged with nitrogen gas (for safety reasons air cannot be used).

Application area

  • monitoring of combustion chambers, especially in waste incinerators and sintering plants
  • monitoring trolley hearth and contiuous kiln in
    heat treatment
  • controlling the furnaces of power plants
  • process documentation
  • supports choice of process parameters
  • when image processing is used, the triggering of a warning alarm or integration into process control is possible
  • the model with LED-illumination is very suitable for the slightly cooler and thus darker furnaces in aluminium industry

Technical details

  • Diameter: 110 mm
  • Length: 254,5 mm (TL = 285 mm)
  • Isolation: Ceramic
  • Water cooling (main cooling): softened, 2 l/min, temperature < 30° C
  • Compressed air: 1-5 nm³/h, Class I according to ISO 8573-1:2010
  • Industrial camera: 14 bit resolution, glass fibre pin, IP 66 protection
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, 20 W

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