• Hot zone imaging
  • Fire box monitoring

Hot zone imaging

Process monitoring and control technology in hot and dusty environments

Ever increasing energy costs requires the constant optimisation of ‘hot processes’ in order to be able to use less resources for the same process goal. In order to achieve this, non-contact optical technologies are increasingly playing an important role.

Controlling and monitoring of “heat treatment” or “hot process” under high temperatures usually greater than 500⁰ C is often difficult. A special optical monitoring system is necessary to observe and monitor inside “hot zone area”.

With more than 20 years of experience, Opto Precision has wide range of furnace monitoring camera systems. Just send us your requirement request and rest leave on us! We provide complete solutions to our customer with design and development of precise furnace camera system. From manufacturing customized hardware with all its accessories over software technology to the on-site installation in your company we provide full service. We ensure proper functioning of furnace monitoring system at client site and provide after sales service.

Please take a look for hot zone imaging application and decide which product is most suitable for you. If you have any doubts in your mind, please contact us anytime and we are happy to find most suitable and precise solution for your needs.

Application areas

  • Steel-, glass-, and cement-industry
  • Heat treatment
  • Waste incinerations
  • Energy production

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