Innovative Multi-sensor system for implementation in vehicles

Product description

The MODAR-HDR multi-sensor system allows the monitoring and identification of people as well as the acquisition of high-definition pictures of faces, day and night.

The assistance of NIR laser technology and the use of special interference filters allow the MODAR-HDR to recognise drivers in a range of up to 400 m in practically all lighting and weather conditions.

The high-definition images are recorded, optimised and analysed by our software in real time. The simultaneous depiction of overview and detailed images make it possible to keep an overview of a crowd of people or a scene, while identifying individual people.

The successful suppression of interfering light sources (headlamps, street lamps or sunlight for example) developed through our technology and the minimisation of atmospheric interferences are essential in many situations to obtain evidence-worthy images.

For the public space and for short-range requirements, exclusively eye-safe lasers of the laser class 1 are used. For particular tasks or for long-range setups, lasers of the laser class 4 (not eye-safe) can also be used, as they allow a longer monitoring range of up to 2-3 km.


  • Face recognition: acquisition from approx. 20 m distance
  • Acquisition from approx. 400 m distance
  • Telescopic mast

Telescopic mast (up to 4 m above the ground)

The MODAR-HDR is optimally equipped for use in vehicles (Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter, etc.) through the pan-tilt system with line of sight stabilisation and the solid and robust casing (protection class IP67).

With its telescopic mast, the MODAR-HDR can also be extended to a height of up to 4 meters above the ground. Depending on the vehicle type and customer requirements, the MODAR-HDR can disappear completely into the emergency vehicle or return to a case on top of the vehicle roof. The construction of the vehicle, the equipment of the PC work stations in the vehicle as well as the system integration of the MODAR-HDR are conducted by OptoPrecision.


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