• Airborne Systems

    OptoPrecision Umweltmonitoring

    Messung von Schiffsemmisionen mittels unbemannter Fluggeräte

  • Airborne Systems

    OptoPrecision Airborne Systems

    Entwicklung und Vertrieb von unbemannten Luftfahrtsystemen

  • Airborne Systems

    OptoPrecision Umweltmonitoring

    Untersuchung und Analyse von landwirtschaftlichen Flächen

  • Airborne Systems

    SAR-Ortung und Detektion

    von schwimmenden oder festen Objekten
    im Wasser und über weite Entfernungen

Airborne Systems

Complete systems for different environmental monitoring tasks

With our robust VTOL UAV VT-4, we offer a quickly deployable, mobile flight system for complex monitoring tasks. The VT-4 only requires a 5x5 m take-off or landing area and has a high degree of autonomy.

In addition to the flight system and a well thought-out transport system, you will receive the complete package from us, from the camera technology to the evaluation and analysis software for the successful implementation of your monitoring tasks.

As an alternative to selling the complete system, we also offer various services in the field of environmental monitoring. We also support you with the risk analysis and the operating permit for your project.


Ship emission environmental monitoring with unmanned aircraft systems

Since January 2015, there has been a limit of 0.1% for the sulfur content in ship fuel in the SECA zone in the North Sea and Baltic Sea area.

As part of the VTOL-EGM research project, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), an "Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV)" has been successfully developed for this environmental monitoring requirement. (More about the VTOL funding project).



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