Innovative Multi-sensor-system for implementation on large ships (>40 m)

Product description

The MODAR multi-sensor system was specially designed for use at sea and has already been successfully implemented on several ships of the German Federal Police/ Coastal Guard. It allows a visually exact, collision-preventing monitoring as well as a precise terrestrial localisation of swimming and fixed objects in real time, for distances of up to 12 kilometres.
Four different camera technologies, assisted by invisible laser lighting, allow the best visibility in all light and weather conditions:

  • A daylight camera with a zoom lens for daytime monitoring in colour
  • A low-light camera for monitoring in very low light conditions (night)
  • A thermal imaging camera for detecting temperature
  • A range-gated camera that makes it possible to reduce atmospheric interferences such as fog, rain or snow in the image. The range-gated camera uses a laser for the
    active lighting.

    The cameras acquire in parallel, so a view change between the cameras capturing in parallel is possible at any time through the operating software, in order to choose the best channel for each observation task.

    Application areas

    • Maritime surrveilance/ sea- and coastal observation
    • SAR-missions
    • Monitoring of public areas/public safety
    • Border protection

    Pan-tilt head technology with swell stabilisation

    State-of-the art sensor technology and drives in the pan-tilt head compensate for the movement of the observation system on two axes. The stabilisation allows monitoring across long distances and thereby ensures an overall image.

    Possible atmospheric interferences in the image are supressed by the high-tech range-gated camera technology.

    More about Range-gated technology



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