Gas analyzer to measure traces of Phosgene (GasMo-P)


Main specifications of the gas analyzer

  • Extractive measurement of Phosgene in 24/7 operation (workplace monitoring)
  • Measurement interval: 30 seconds
  • Gas pressure: 0,5 - 1,5 bar absolute pressure (pressure compensated measurement)
  • Measurement range: 0 - 1000 ppb (overload protected)
  • Detection limit: 20 ppbV
    (according to NAMUR NA61: 2x peak-peak-noise within 1h = approx. 12 sigma)
  • Cross sensitivities to NH3 and H20: Negligible
  • Consumables: 230V line voltage, optional purging of the housing, (internal closed-loop liquid cooling for temperature stabilisation with an air cooler attached to the housing.)
  • Output: Floating relais contacts (status), analog 4-20mA interface (gas conc.), network connection

Gas analyzer to measure traces of Phosgene (GasMo-P)

During the past years the OptoPrecision GmbH, the INP Greifswald and the BASF SE as a pilot customer have jointly worked on the research and development of a Quantum-Cascade-Laser-based spectrometer for the measurement of trace gases in an industrial environment.

Started with a public funded project (2006-2010, funded by the German ministry for education and research, BMBF) we have successfully demonstrated the potential of laser spectroscopy using Quantum-Cascade-Lasers. Together with the experts of the "Process Analytical Technology (PAT)" center of the BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, Germany, we developed the technology until the beginning of 2014 towards a reliable and durable platform solution, which now can be used in an industrial environment. All tests and specifications were done according to the NAMUR recommendations NE21 (Electromagnetic Compatibility of Industrial Process and Laboratory Control Equipment) and NA61 (Data Sheet for Process Analysis Devices). The NAMUR is an international user association of automation technology in process industries (



Besides the first application "workplace monitoring of Phosgene" with a detection limit better than 20 ppbV we plan to address further gases with our modular system. To enable that, we just have to exchange the laser and adapt the software code. In principle, each gas with absorption structures in the infrared spectral region between 4-12 microns could be measured. Even in complex absorption structures of multiple species the system is able to determine the requested gas concentration due to the application of a special analysis of the measured spectral data. Thus, potential cross sensitivities can be efficiently suppressed.

For further information about the detailed specifications and operation conditions of the GasMo-P Phosgene analyzer or the potential measurement of other gases please do not hesitate to contact us.

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