• LED searchlight

LED searchlight

for spot illumination of scenes and objects at distances up to approx. 2,500 m

LED searchlight

Product features

    • Efficient light source with low power consumption and low heat emission
    • No need to replace the light source during product life
    • Reliable IP67 enclosure with waterproof drying cartridge
    • Optics focusable
    • Compact design with high range
    • No glare outside the illuminated area
    • Fast switchable light source for the exchange or transmission of optical codes

    Product description

    LED searchlight OPS was developed as an innovative light source equipped with the latest LED technology in a particularly compact and durable design. Thanks to the LED technology used, the product has a very low energy consumption and emits almost no heat.

    The high-quality optics achieve very homogeneous illumination results when focused ± 2° with very little scattered light outside the beam cone.
    Due to the excellent beam profile the spot provides cutting-edge lighting performance. The minimum required supply voltage of 10-18 V DC (optionally 90-240 V AC) is particularly advantageous for use in mobile applications. The housing with IP protection class 67 is pressure-tight and seawater-resistant and withstands short-term flooding.


      • Searchlight for SAR missions
      • Well-defined spot lighting for long distance illumination
      • Navigational aid
      • Transmission of light signals and Morse code

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