Air- and water-cooled endoscopic furnace camera

Product features

  • water cooled and flushed with compressed air
  • excellent picture quality
  • range of angle and view directions available
  • automatic retraction unit protects the system

Product description

The endoscopic furnace camera is designed for surveillance in hot areas that reach up to 1.600° C. The proven optical lens delivers excellent pictures from inside the combustion chamber. The combination of compressed air and cooling water ensures safe operation, even under extreme conditions. The endoscopic combustion chamber camera is a product of our partner Cesyco Kinoptik Endoscopy.

Principle of operation

In order to withstand high temperature, a cooling jacket protects the endoscope. Cooling is ensured by circulating water and air between three nested jackets. The spiral design creates a vortex effect that allows for low water usage.

The front lens is protected by a continuous circulation of air that cools down the objective lens.

The picture is generated by an optical tube with high-resolution lens and prisms. To clean the optical lens the tube can be removed without dismantling the endoscope.

The lens can be constructed in a way that three different view directions are possible. The camera body is cooled.

Application area

The system is utilised in the following industries:

  • glass manufacturing,
  • steel production,
  • aluminium production,
  • cement industry,
  • power generation and
  • waste incineration.

Related documents

Broschure "Hot Zone Imaging" (PDF-Download)

You can find further, detailed specifications in the data sheets: Data Sheet HTE-070S.

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Technical details

  • Length: 715,6 mm (TL = 1121,6 mm)
  • Isolation: stainless steel
  • Compressed air: 5-10 bar, 10-15 nm³/h, temperature 20° - 50° C
  • Water cooling: 3-10 bar, 5-15 l/min, temperature 20° - 35° C
  • Viewing angles: 60°, 90° or 105°
  • Viewing directions: 0°, 30°, 55°, 70° and 110°
  • Temperature range: up to 2.000° C
  • Power supply: 220 V/110 V AC

It is recommended to use the system together with the automatic retractable unit so that it can be removed from the oven in an emergency.

The system is supplied centrally from a cooling medium supply cabinet.

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