Driver-Front-Photo System (FFS)

NIR-Laser-camera system

Actionable image recording of persons and vehicles (24/7)

The driver front-photo system consists of all the necessary system components for the registration of vehicles with driver and license plate at full speed.

The system is designed for the integration into a surveillance vehicle to be located no more than 80 m away from the near-infrared (NIR) camera-laser unit. The system consists of components of particularly high quality in order to provide the best possible image quality, so that a clear image of the driver can be recorded and evaluated. For this purpose, a 4.2 MP camera in concert with high dynamic range and the near-infrared illumination technology LaserFlash is being deployed.

Privacy regulations are not being violated at any time, since recording is triggered only on demand and for a limited duration.

  • Driver recognition: Reduction of stray light by using optical filters and NIR laser illumination
  • Driver recognition: Reduction of stray light by using optical filters and NIR laser illumination

Product features

    • Data usable in court for driver registration
    • 24 h driver and license plate registration
    • Clearly visible pictures across windshields
    • Flash invisible to human eyes
    • Video and/or single-frame recording
    • FFS can be emplaced up to 80 m away from the emergency vehicle
    • Easy alignment on the roadside


      • Driver recognition in distance violations without visible flash
      • Driver recognition in speeding violations without visible flash
      • Search for criminals on roads without stopping traffic
      • Recording for subsequent database comparison with black or white list
      • Equipment for automatic gate for access control


        • Camera-Laser-Unit
        • Controller and recording software
        • Controller-Box
        • Tripod
        • Heavy Duty PC
        • Cable drum with optical fiber and copper cables
        • Transport box
        • Recorder software for video recording
        • Instructions


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        Technical details

          • Ultra-sensitive 4.2 MP CMOS camera with narrow band interference filter
          • Eye-safe yet powerful illumination based on laser technology
          • Recording is completely independent from daylight
          • Processing of image data with 12-bit gray scale dynamic
          • External triggering of recording sequence
          • Storage with standard network recorders
          • Recording with commercially available data storage and formats
          • Open interfaces
          • Integration into digital network recorders

          Technical details

          Wavelength808 nm
          Emission Angle
          Recording Distance20 m
          Frame Ratemax. 30 Hz
          Effective Pixels4,2 Megapixels

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