LaserFlash CQ/CC


LaserFlash CQ

Product features

  • Unaffected by ambient light
  • Not visible to the human eye
  • Narrow bandwidth
  • High pulse frequency light emitted (high pulse repetition rate)
  • Narrow line width for high-resolution measurements
  • Excellent performance
  • Highly uniform illumination
  • Large depth of field (DOF)
  • High durability

Product description

The LaserFlash CQ is used for industrial image processing and quality control. The high pulse repetition rate frequency of the laser light allows for the measuring and quality control of strip stock material during the production process. Typical applications are for the detection of flaws and defects in products such as metal strips, glass, paper bands, chipboards and plastic foils.

Principle of operation

The beam of the high-power pulsed laser is projected as a thin line onto the product under investigation. To detect flaws, the camera system can be set up with image processing software. Due to the pulsed system and very narrow band filters, interference from light in surrounding areas can be eliminated.

Application area

Particularly useful for image processing tasks involving fast moving strip stock.

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Foils
  • Chipboards

Technical details

  • Optical power up to 200 W
  • Pulse repetition rate up to 500 Hz
  • Line width depending on focus distance 
  • Spectral bandwidth aprox. 3 nm

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