Heat treatment

High amounts of energy are required in the heat treatment of metals, which is especially true for surface hardening. Plus these treated products are often used afterwards in safety-relevant areas. Therefore, as well as controlling energy efficiency, it is vital to monitor production processes and the temperature of workpieces. Complete documentation of the production process enables it to be reviewed and optimised. Optical surveillance provides a great deal of security over fast processes such as induction hardening.

Our products for heat treatment

In heat treatment pyrometer and thermal elements are often not enough for temperature measurement. Hence, OptoPrecision developed a system for use in thermal processes that measures the temperature profile of a workpiece, which is normally independent of its geometry and the emission factors in the surrounding area. The system was developed further for usage in induction plants. Time-temperature charts can also be plotted.

We also offer a camera probe for heat treatment plants that allows geometric and positional observations.

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