• Security Systems

    INFORMATION advantage through
    superior technology

    • Daylight-independent Camera and Video Monitoring Systems
    • Multi-sensor Systems
    • NIR- and SWIR-Laser Lighting Systems
    • LED Light Sources

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  • Security Systems

    OptoPrecision MODAR

    Innovative Multi-sensor systems for optimum visibility
    in all weather conditions on land and at sea

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  • Security Systems

    OptoPrecision LaserFlash

    Discrete, eye-safe IR laser lighting for covert investigation

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Discrete Surveillance, Security and IR-laser Technology

Our SECURITY SYSTEMS division is specialized in innovative security and surveillance technologies for police, security, military forces and other organizations or companies requiring high security standards. Our SECURITY SYSTEMS product portfolio ranges from various laser and LED light sources to customer-specific tailored systems for complex naval and land-based monitoring and surveillance tasks.

As system provider we maintain tight partnerships with innovative and creative manufacturers of monitoring and security technology worldwide and are a competent partner for our customers during the acquisition process of further system components and system integration.

Our special fields:

  • Daylight-independent camera and video surveillance
  • Actionable, high-resolution images
  • Infrared laser illumination systems
  • SWIR and thermal imaging
  • Optics
  • Image analysis, image transmission and recording
  • Encrypted web-based transmission of information (satellite and mobile support)

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