LaserFlash P

Field illumination

LaserFlash P

Product features

  • unaffected by ambient light
  • not visible to the human eye
  • narrow bandwidth
  • high repetition rate frequency light emitted
  • excellent performance
  • highly uniform illumination
  • large depth of field (DOF)
  • high durability
  • also available: laser class 1 (eye safe)

Product description

The LaserFlash P is used for industrial image processing and quality control. The pulse frequency can be adjusted according to customer requirements and synchronised with a camera. The narrow bandwidth and the high-intensity pulse enables its operation to be unaffected by the surrounding light conditions. The excellent radiance of the system allow for optimum illumination for the image-processing task. Principle of operation

The beam from the pulsed laser diode is passed through a lens system to create a uniform beam profile. The aperture angle can be adjusted to customer requirements by using different front lenses. By using an integrated device (TrigBox) for synchronisation of the pulse frequency it can be connected to a camera . The switch-on time per pulse regulates the illumination intensity to produce an optimum image.

Application area

LaserFlash is invaluable wherever uniform illumination independent of daylight is required. The production industry, for example, uses the device for quality control. If the eye-safe model is used, then an enclosure is not necessary.

Technical details

  • optical power up to 100 W
  • pulse repetition rate: up to continuous operation possible
  • radiance angle: according to customer requirement
  • narrow band width
  • wavelength: 808 nm / 940 nm (others on request)
  • also available: laser class 1 (eye safe)

A product data sheet with detailed product information is available on request.

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