Innovative Multi-sensor system for implementation on small ships or vehicles

Product description

The MODAR-BC by OptoPrecision was developed for implementation on smaller ships or vehicles after the successful introduction of the MODAR technology on German Federal Police ships. The MODAR-BC is accordingly smaller, with only slightly reduced performances.

It also allows optical monitoring in nearly any weather conditions, day and night. Object-tracking, sector scan as well as optional large depiction of the camera channels make it possible to analyse the right image source for each situation.

Application areas

  • Monitoring of public areas/public safety
  • Border protection
  • Maritime surrveilance
  • Research

Product features

    • Intelligent multi-sensor system for optimum vison in all weather conditions
    • Georeferenced image acquisition and precise terrestrial localisation of swimming and fixed objects in real time
    • Gyrostabilized pan-tilt head compensate the movement of the observation system on two axes
    • Lighting distances up to 8 km
    • State of the art laser-based high-end camera technology
      • Range-gated camera technology
      •  Powerful, uncooled thermal imaging camera
      • HD day/ night camera
    • Compact design


    Modar BC - Video Clip

    Innovative Zusatzfunktionen

    • KI-basierte Bildanalyse in Echtzeit
    • Georeferenzierte Datenübertragung
    • Objekt- und Drohnendetektion
    • Tracking - automatische Objekt- und Drohnenverfolgung
    • Lagebilddarstellung


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