The Range-gated camera system by OptoPrecision is developed specially for improved visibility in darkness and other atmospheric interferences such as fog, rain or snow, for example.

Range-gated systems combine two essential components with each other: a set, very short laser pulse and a special camera. The camera exposure is ensured in the nanosecond range by a control unit developed by OptoPrecision.

The targeted synchronisation of the laser pulse and the camera makes it possible to light a partial area determined by the distance and acquire an image in which atmospheric interferences before the partial area observed are suppressed. Interfering light sources and light reflections, such as when looking through fog, rain, snow or window panes, can be minimised, which make a decisive improvement to the image quality.

Step 1

The device sends a short laser pulse.
The camera shutter remains closed while the light
between the device and the target object is scattered
and reflected by atmospheric particles.

Step 2

The laser light contacts the target object and is reflected.
The camera shutter remains closed and does not
capture any interference light.

Step 3

The light reflected by the target object arrives at the
camera and the camera opens the camera shutter for
this brief moment. The shutter is then closed again,
so that no interference light behind the object is

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