LaserFlash Compact

LaserFlash Compact

Product features

  • Non-visible illumination for short distances
  • Distance uo to 15 m2)
  • Integrated Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for portable operation
  • 24/7 operation with external power supply unit
  • Stable lighting condition during interfering light
  • Can be used outdoors until IP-65
  • 8 hours of battery operation or permanent with external power supply
  • No synchronisation or cable necessary

Product description

The LaserFlash Compact illuminates rooms and other settings with non-visible infrared laser light and stabilises(2) lightening conditions during undercover CCTV surveillance. Distances of up to 15 m(1) are permanently illuminated throughout the night by the in-build Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery or by using the external power supply. Since the LaserFlash Compact is button-operated it can be operational within seconds.

As synchronisation with the camera is not necessary no cable connection is needed. The discrete design means that the device can be left behind without arousing immediate suspicion. The laser is absolutely safe and can therefore be used without hesitation.

(1) Range is - amongst others - dependent on the used wavelength, sensor sensitivity, reflectivity of object and transmission of lens (max @ 785 nm).

(2) For stabilisation an optional interference filter is recommended.

Further information

Broschure LaserFlash (EN)

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Applications LaserFlash Compact

  • Discreet IR-lighting for indoor surveillance
  • Use in offender cases

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