Application options for OptoPrecision LaserFlash

Our products from the LaserFlash range offer support to police task forces, customs and other security services on undercover operations. The invisible, eye-safe laser light enables undercover forces to illuminate an object under observation without being discovered, either during bad visibility or at night, at distances of up to several hundred metres.

Suppression of interfering light

Particularly in dark conditions, video cameras are very sensitive to interfering rim light and changing light conditions (e.g. from car headlights), which often results in the target object in the image being overexposed.

Our LaserFlash devices suppress visible light by using interference filters. Glares from torches or other lighting are avoided. Because IR laser illumination radiates in a much narrower spectral bandwidth (2-4 nm) in comparison to LED IR illuminations, it makes the reduction of interfering light six times more efficient.

Less interfering reflections of sunlight caused by polarised IR laser light

Interfering reflections caused by sunlight are reduced through a polarising filter and a powerful IR laser illumination. In comparison to other IR light sources the laser light is polarised, which occurs in the filter.

Identification of number plates despite backlight

Until now the reading of number plates through dipped headlights was unthinkable. For the first time, the application of powerful IR laser illuminations in connection with an interference filter allows the identification of number plates despite the interfering light.

Operation in public areas with eye-safe IR laser illuminations

Our IR laser illuminations are eye safe in laser class 1 and therefore can be applied in public areas. The laser safety of the products is certified by an independent laboratory.

Support of IP and analogue cameras

The LaserFlash P & Plus models are available in IT and QCW operational modes. The IT version is synchronised through the video signal with the analogue camera, whereby during illumination time the maximum amount of light is made available. The QCW version operates with both, IP and analogue cameras – with this version laser pulses of 300 Hz are emitted so that a connection to the camera is not necessary. For operational convenience several cameras can be simultaneously linked.

Support for night vision devices and aiming devices with image intensifiers

The LaserFlash QCW models support night vision devices and aiming devices with IR image intensifier
tubes. The lasers are able to illuminate a scene giving the user a big advantage by providing a more contrast-rich and detailed view of the surrounding area.

Observation from a flat

A common observation from a flat involves viewing through window glass. The powerful LaserFlash P & Plus models can be used from behind the glass of the window to illuminate a scene in an outside area. The range is dependent on the IR absorption of the glass in the window.

Viewing inside a room through a window glass

Particularly at twilight during cloudy skies or from streetlights at night, reflections get in the way of obtaining a clear view into a room. The LaserFlash P and Plus models are especially suitable for taking contrastrich images through glass in windows.

Discrete CCTV surveillance at night

Our LaserFlash devices can illuminate a dark scene over long distance and is completely invisible to the human eye. We offer different models and wavelengths for various application areas. Consequently people and objects can be observed at high image quality without revealing the user.

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