Saxon police are now also using PerIS in Zittau

The video-supported personal identification system ("PerIS") from OptoPrecision, which has been successfully in use in Görlitz since 2019, has now been supplemented by seven camera columns in Zittau. The minister of the interior Armin Schuster said: "We are transferring the successful model from Görlitz, which has proven itself in combating crime since 2019, to Zittau in the border triangle. In the future, the police will be able to record and identify criminals in high resolution, day and night and in all weather conditions. I am not aware of a comparably powerful system, at least in Europe, and the successes of investigations so far speak for themselves. PerIS is already being used successfully in its stationary and mobile versions not only by the Görlitz police department, but also by other Saxon police departments. This will not only make the region but also the Free State a lot safer." (Quote from:

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