• Aerospace industry

Aerospace industry

Materials made of composite materials (e.g. carbon fibre) have an ever-increasing number of applications in the aircraft construction industry. Therefore, quality control through every phase of production is an integral part of ensuring flight safety. For this purpose, both optical systems and ultrasonic measuring are used. OptoPrecision offers a comprehensive range of equipment to enable both surface measurement and ultrasonic measuring. The numerous measuring tasks often require custom solutions and special developments.

Our solutions and products for the aerospace industry

  • automated positioning of ultrasonic measuring heads on large areas
  • air ultrasound measurements of irregular surfaces with laminated honeycomb structures
  •  portable system for ultrasonic measuring of geometrically complex objects
  • coupling of phased-array measuring heads requires very little coupling medium
  • delamination testing using a portable device (ELCH)
  • quality control of surface pre-treatments

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