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    Multi-Sensor Platform

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    Intelligent multi-sensor platforms for military, police and maritime operations

    • Clear visibility at night, in fog, rain and snow
    • Laser-based precise terrestrial positioning control
    • Identification of semi-submerged objects on the track line
    • Ideal for government monitoring tasks and SAR
    • Effective in navigatoric risc management


    The multi-sensor platform MODAR combines four camera channels in one stabilized platform. In addition to the HD daytime camera, an EMCCD low-light camera with very strong zoom lens x63, an uncooled thermal imager camera with zoom lens and a Range-Gated-Camera System is installed. The different characteristics of the four camera channels complement each other perfectly in poor visibility conditions. By coupling with RADAR and AIS MODAR can deliver targeted impressions and images has not clearly assessable situations and objects. All four camera channels are permanently recorded with the associated metadata in a ring buffer.

    Almost all ships of Bundespolizei See are equipped by the Bundesbeschaffungsamt with the MODAR-System. The ships of German Zoll will be equippped with it in the near future. On all ships, the multi-sensor platform has already proven its efficiency when it came into operation.