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    New OptoPrecision company profile is available for download

    Now you can download the new company brochure from OptoPrecision Industrial Solutions in German or English language or order it free by mail. OptoPrecision specialises in developing, engineering and manufacturing measurement,...[more]


    First MODAR multi sensor Platform now successfully installed

    In March 2014, the first multi-sensor platform type MODAR is now installed on the BP 26 "Eschwege" of the Federal Police (Coastguard). After optimization of the position control (IMU) and the radar and video tracking...[more]


    LaserFlash Flyer now available in English language

    Our LaserFlash Flyer is now also available in English language for download: Download LaserFlash Flyer (PDF/ 1,4 MB)[more]


    Maximum operating range using a video system with a focal length of over 6m

    OptoPrecision Security Systems (OPSS) now offers an exceptional video surveillance system with a zoomable mirror lens, which with an enormous focal length of over 6m, makes it well suited to long-distance observation. The system...[more]


    Innovative acoustic effectors with an operating range of up to 2km

    LRAD® (Long Range Acoustic Device™) acoustic effectors transmit target-orientated communications and warnings over very long distances. The vocal quality delivered has an unprecedented clarity and is perceived by the listener as...[more]


    OPSS is a certified ARTEC distribution partner

    Since January 2011, OptoPrecision Security Systems GmbH (OPSS) has been a certified distribution partner of ARTEC AG, offering innovative software and system solutions for the transmission, recording and evaluation of video,...[more]


    OptoPrecision celebrates its 10th anniversary

    On 1st May 1996, the company Kranz and Nägele Feinwerktechnik started its business operation. Then almost exactly 5 years later on the 3rd May 2001, the special purpose machine manufacturing and the development and sales...[more]