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    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)


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    Our Customers are from

    - Aerospace industry
    - Wind energy production
    - Industrial production

    Industrial Solutions

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    Industrial Solutions

    When checking objects for defects or testing the performance of a production process, it is necessary to use a non-destructive testing technology to avoid damaging the actual objects. This is particularly applicable when testing fibre-reinforced composites (GFRP, CFRP) or welding seams.

    For these situations OptoPrecision offers a large range of manual and fully automated non-destructive testing technologies (NDT).

    Our Products

    Line Scan

    LineScan enables precise scanning using ultrasonic measuring heads. The extendable modular design allows measurements over long distances to be taken.  [more]

    3D-surface scan

    The 3-D surface scanner is used for measuring curved objects. The air ultrasonic technology with a sender and receiver does not require a coupling medium. [more]

    Hand gauge

    Wherever ultrasonic measurements on difficult to reach areas are necessary, the hand gauge is a simple user-friendly solution. The measurements are undertaken without the need for a coupling medium. The results are immediately available to the user. [more]


    The WaterBox is used where phased-array measuring heads can only operate with a limited amount of coupling medium. Although the WaterBox works with very little coupling medium and lubricant, it still delivers excellent measuring results.  [more]


    ELCH, Elasticity of Laminate Checker, is used on site to detect damage in fibre-reinforced and other laminated materials. Damage to aircraft can often occur after collisions with birds or boarding stairs. The damage caused is not always immediately visible. [more]