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    Laser Illumination


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    Industrial Solutions

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    Industrial Solutions

    Why laser-based illumination for machine vision?

    • Small spectral bandwidth for suppressing disturbing light sources
    • Triggered short pulses for freezing fast moving objects
    • Delivering sufficient energy for camera exposure even with short pulses
    • Illumination at longer distances to objects

    In the field of industrial image processing, achieving optimum illumination plays a key role in carrying out assessments of parts. To meet this requirement OptoPrecision developed a diode-based laser. The main goal is to achieve uniform illumination of the measuring area at constant high intensity. The device is constructed to perform consistently in harsh industrial environments.

    We offer line-generators and field illuminators

    Line-generator:   LaserFlash CQ

    Depending on configuration the LaserFlash CQ offers triggered pulses in microseconds or milliseconds range. Frequencies up to 10 kHz are possible. Peak power up to 200 W are available. The high frequency of illumination allows measurement of fast moving objects or strip material for quality control or inspection. The intensity profile along the line is specially designed with an overshoot at the end of lines to compensate for geometrical losses in the measurement process. [more]

    Field illumination: Laser Flash P / ns


    With the LaserFlash P, as he is also employed in undercover surveillance, the triggered illumination with pulse lengths in the range of milliseconds is possible. For exposure with pulse lengths in the range of microseconds, for extremely fast moving objects, a new variant of the laser flash P is available based on a 2.4 kW laser diode stack. Thus, also with this short pulse lengths sufficient energy is provided to expose corresponding cameras. [more]