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    Industrial Solutions

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    Industrial Solutions

    OptoPrecision offers innovative products and services across a range of business sectors for industrial process and quality control. Our work focuses on the improvement of efficiency and quality, as well as human safety and machine protection. Our products were developed to cope in a demanding industrial environment, which is proven by their extreme reliability.

    • Hot zone imaging

      Ever increasing energy costs requires the constant optimisation of "hot processes" in order to be able to use less resources for the same process goal. [more]

    • NDT

      When checking objects for defects or testing the performance of a production process, it is necessary to use a non-destructive testing technology to avoid damaging the actual objects.  [more]

    • Laser infrared illumination

      In the field of industrial image processing, achieving optimum illumination plays a key role in carrying out assessments of parts. To meet this requirement OptoPrecision developed a diode-based laser.  [more]

    • Customer-specific systems

      OptoPrecision is a reliable partner to customers from project design, all the way through to the on-site integration and ongoing system servicing. [more]

    • Research & Development

      The core activities of OptoPrecision are based on the development of solid body lasers, optical systems and measurement technology for industrial and military applications.  [more]