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    Steel, glass and cement industry


    Technical Sales
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    Industrial Solutions

    Steel industry

    Movement of hot steel requires continuous surveillance, as breakdowns can result in days, or even weeks, of production standstill. With regard to quality and quantity, each step of the production process needs to be monitored. For this purpose OptoPrecision has developed optical surveillance solutions that, when operated in connection with image processing tools, are able to manage process control tasks.

    Our products for the steel industry

    Our air-cooled combustion chamber probe delivers excellent images of the hot zone area. It provides a highly reliable, low maintenance solution that requires only a small amount of cooling medium. For furnace inspections, we offer a portable endoscopic system that can provide different viewing angles over a large surveillance area. The endoscope is cooled by water and is also available as a fixed solution. New solutions for the reliable measurement of temperatures are currently in the process of being developed. When combined with an endoscope, they will provide reliable area-wide information on the temperatures of the heat product.

    Glass industry

    The main objective of observing a melting furnace is for the early detection of any damage to the furnace or the reduction in operational effectiveness of the burner. This can be achieved by regular use of a portable furnace camera. For this purpose you can either hire our devices yourself or use our inspection service.

    Our products for the glass industry

    We offer a portable endoscopic system for regular monitoring of the condition of furnaces. Different object lenses allow inspection in all view directions. The endoscopic camera can also be permanently installed. In case of a problem (e.g. loss of cooling medium), an automatic retractable unit removes the system from the furnace to avoid any damage.

    Cement industry

    Early detection of damage to the brick lining can be achieved through the optical surveillance of the rotary kiln condition. As a result the maintenance cycle can be adjusted and the lifetime of the kiln can be increased.

    Our products for the cement industry

    For monitoring the condition of the kiln we also offer thermal camera systems together with a combustion chamber camera. Please contact us should you require detailed information on these systems.